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#CrashChat : EVS Kicks Off Social Media Story Telling

In what is proving to be one of the most interesting and difficult times of many of our lives, EVS Sports would like to mix it up a bit and hear some entertaining stories from their riders. The current COVID-19 pandemic has pushed all of us to stay indoors more and distance ourselves socially from others while we all try to do our part to “flatten the curve.” Just because we may be at home more, and not riding as much, doesn’t mean we all don’t have funny, crazy, and even downright gnarly stories about crashes. Most everyone who rides a dirt bike has, unfortunately, hit the dirt at some point. It happens to us all. Professionals, amateurs, and even moto superheroes like Travis Pastrana all take dirt samples now and then and Travis’ case even more so than others as he has set the bar in our sport for wild and crazy crashes.

In the spirit of fun, EVS has just kicked off a new social media story campaign asking their riders to join in the #CrashChat trend and tell us all their gnarly crash stories! EVS is asking everyone to get involved and is offering a free pair of knee braces every month to a random lucky winner who posts their story on to Instagram’s stories. All the riders have to do to put their names in the hat for the free knee braces is film a selfie-style video talking through your worst crash, tag EVS Sports in their Instagram story, and use the hashtags #CrashChat and #iwearEVS. EVS will pick a random winner every month to receive the free EVS knee braces.


EVS will be sharing stories from some of their top athletes over the coming weeks. Make sure to stay tuned to hear all the wild stories from some of dirt bike riding’s best athletes!



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