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Warranty Information


Every EVS product is covered by a one-year (from date of purchase) warranty on manufacturing defects when purchased new from an authorized EVS Dealer. eBay sellers and other sellers may not be considered authorized EVS dealer sellers. Warranties cover original manufacturing defects in material and/or workmanship, not normal wear and tear. All products covered by this EVS warranty program will be repaired or replaced. EVS headquarters will determine whether a product can be repaired or must be replaced. Products will be replaced with like or similar product size and model as those originally purchased. Can upgrade at additional cost. No downgrades or refunds. Customer must obtain a warranty return authorization number and must include it on the warranty return form when returning the product to EVS. The proof of purchase must be included with the return. All warranty returns must be sent to EVS Headquarters (California), postage prepaid. All product shipped to EVS Central (Wisconsin) will be refused and returned to sender. EVS will pay for regular ground rates costs for products repaired or replaced under warranty within the first year, when proof of purchase is provided. Customer is responsible for any express shipping charges above regular ground. When a product is in a backorder status, warranty replacements will be given priority when new product is received. Dealers should advise their customers to direct all warranty questions or problems directly to EVS Headquarters. The decision for all warranty issues must come from EVS Headquarters directly.


  • One buckle replaced: $10.00
  • All buckles replaced: $40.00 per brace
  • Knee cup /liner: $20.00 per brace
  • Complete refurbishment (including all d-rings, knee cup and hinge covers): $60 per brace
  • Shipping: $12.95 one brace / $17.95 two braces
  • Handling: $3.00 (required for residential shipping)
  • If there is no proof of purchase, or if it is over one year, a new knee brace must be purchased.