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Genesis Youth Knee Brace

The Genesis is an all-new youth-specific knee brace designed to provide younger riders with the same high level of protection as EVS adult knee braces. The Genesis utilizes a rigid yet pliable chassis, then adds the same polycentric hinges as those on the SX Series and the same modular strap system found on our Axis Knee Braces. The result is lightweight, breathable knee protection and injury prevention made exclusively for younger riders.

    Size chart
    Youth Knee Brace Size Chart

    Comfortable like a knee guard, with the protection of a knee brace

    Introducing the Genesis Youth knee brace– the ultimate choice for parents who want their little ripper to ride with unwavering confidence. Engineered with precision and care, this knee brace not only offers superior protection but also acts as a powerful preventative measure against potential injuries. With the Genesis by their side, your young rider can conquer any terrain fearlessly, knowing they're wrapped in unbeatable protection.


    Dynamic Impact Defense -Feel confident knowing your knees are shielded by state-of-the-art cushioning. 

    Breathable Comfort -Stay cool and comfortable all day with ventilated channels that promote airflow. 

    CE Certified -Rest easy with CE Certification at Level 2 (1621-1) – the industry's gold standard for safety and protection. 


    A soft and pliable material in its natural state but hardens when force is applied to it. CE 1621-1 LEVEL 2 protection

    Polycentric Hinge System

    Utilizes a sole hyperextension lockout crafted from T6 aircraft-grade aluminum to prevent excessive movement of a joint in the wrong direction.

    Bio-Foam Molded Liner

    Moisture-wicking lining with air channels on the interior of the brace works to wick sweat and keep you dry, so you can worry less about your brace and more about that next ride.

    Air Flow Ports

    Strategically positioned slits to facilitate the inflow of air and expel excess heat.


    3 layered cutting-edge fabrics, meticulously designed to provide precise support, unparalleled airflow, and superior protection. 

    1. Diamond Mesh (Exterior reinforcement) – Reinforced cross-link threads provide external protection from abrasion while improving airflow. 
    2. Zonal Support(Protection)– Employing an adapted neoprene hexagonal pattern to facilitate flexible protection and include open ports for enhanced airflow. 
    3. Lycra Liner (Comfort) - A remarkably elastic synthetic fabric, gentle on the skin, and conforming to your body's movements.