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EVS Sports Partners with Johnny Lewis and Moto Anatomy

Flat tracking is an incredibly fun and emerging form of motorcycle racing and is one of the fastest growing forms of motorsport in the powersports industry.  Johnny Lewis and both his race team, Moto Anatomy, and riding school, Moto Anatomy Slide School are contributing to that growth in more ways than one and we are proud to announce a partnership with Johnny and everything he is working towards in the world of flat track. 

Johnny Lewis rose through the Amateur Flat Track ranks quickly and cultivated 3x national championships before stepping away from Flat Track and moving into Supermoto where he also excelled.  Johnny began to spend more time and energy outside of racing and eventually founded Moto Anatomy in 2015 with the idea of being able to offer custom training and riding schools to accommodate all skill levels and help people become more comfortable riding flat track and other disciplines of motorcycling.  Busy as ever growing his riding school, Johnny still found time to race and would enter select American Flat Track events and would more often than not, contest for a top 5 finish!  Johnny’s wealth of multi discipline motorcycle racing experience eventually lead to Royal Enfield seeking him out to have him help develop their all new Twins Flat Track race model.  Johnny and his race team are just now beginning to race the all new Royal Enfield for the first time in recent weeks.  While racing is becoming a center point again for Johnny, Moto Anatomy Slide School has by no means taken a backseat and has become more popular and sought after than ever before.  

The very first race ready Royal Enfield Flat Track model that Johnny Lewis helped design and is now continuing to test and develop.Johnny Lewis putting the all new Royal Enfield through it's paces while wearing the NYC Street gloves from EVS Sports.

With so much racing experience, Johnny’s racecraft has become almost second to none in the world of Flat Track and one of the main attributes Johnny credits to being able to compete at such a high level is confidence.  Being confident in your abilities and your training leading up to a race is one thing but being confident that you are going to be ok should a crash or mistake occur is an entirely different form of confidence.  “Having the best protective gear I can when I'm personally training during the week and then on race weekends is a key to my success…it’s one of those mental aspects that you can block out and, as a result, allows you to focus on riding. It’s the same when I have students come to train with Moto Anatomy, it makes me feel so much better knowing they are in products like the ballistic Jersey or Comp suit with full upper body protection when learning new techniques and sliding around on two wheels.” 

A student on course at the Moto Anatomy Slide School staying protected with the Comp Suit from EVS Sports
Johnny provides instruction at his Slide School.

All of us here at EVS Sports are thrilled to be a part of Johnny’s latest racing endeavors with Flat Track and Royal Enfield along with his riding school.  Being a part of someone who is actively having such a positive influence in motorsports is always a pleasure and we can’t wait to see what this journey with Johnny has in store down the road. 

Written by Jackson Halsmer

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