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EVS Sports Spring 2021 Catalog: What’s Inside

For over 35 years, EVS Sports has revolutionized protection in the sport of offroad motorcycle racing. Since designing, developing, and producing the industry’s first off-the-shelf motocross-centric knee brace back in 1985, EVS has continued to evolve and transform into an innovation and technology leader in the motorcycle protective equipment sector.

Today, EVS offers a comprehensive line of protective equipment, including knee braces, knee and elbow pads, roost protectors, helmets, race collars, roost deflectors, undergear, and a whole host of other products made for almost any activity imaginable. Whether your passion is motocross, street riding, trail riding, MTB — or if you just love twisting the throttle — EVS creates products to protect you during the two-wheeled activities you love. And, because the EVS team loves two wheels and powersports as much as our enthusiast customers.

The Spring 2021 EVS catalog is the culmination of 35 years of experience and development. Whether it’s dirt, snow, or asphalt, the EVS Team strives to protect and prepare riders for any obstacle or situation that comes his or her way.

Protect yourself from the ride with protection from EVS.

— The EVS Sports Team / #WeAreProtection

EVS Sports Spring 2021 Catalog: What’s Inside?

EVS - Don't Let the Terrain Stop You

Table of Contents

 04 – Knee Braces– EVS designed, developed, and produced the industry’s first off-the-shelf motocross centric knee brace back in 1985. Over the last three decades, EVS continues to innovate and lead knee brace technology. EVS is an industry leader providing a wide range of knee brace designs for every rider in every riding situation.

08 – Knee & Elbow Protection – EVS has a knee and elbow guard line for every riding condition. Designed to be lightweight, breathable, and comfortable, EVS knee and elbow guards have similar technologies to EVS knee braces to provide maximum protection to riders in a technologically advanced line of products.

13 – Helmets – EVS T5 helmets feature bold graphics, performance, function, and comfort features typically only found on premium models. EVS helmets are designed to protect what matters most during your next epic motorcycling adventure.

16 – Race Collars – Riding or driving will always involve a level of risk. Choosing to wear an EVS Race Collar minimizes the risk of neck injuries in multiple scenarios without being uncomfortable or limiting your range of motion.

18 – Roost Deflectors – There’s no way around it: getting roosted hurts. With various options and styles available for the many different riding types, EVS Roost Deflectors are purpose-built to help break through the roost so you can ride pain-free.

EVS Knee Braces

22 – Ballistic Jerseys – Riding natural terrain can be beautiful and exciting but also unpredictable. EVS Ballistic Jerseys are ready for anything that nature can throw at it with full chest and back protection, elbow and shoulder pads, and more.

25 – TUG (Technical Undergear) – EVS TUG products are built to enhance the rider experience. TUG products include technical details designed to integrate seamlessly with protective riding gear for enhanced mobility and all-day comfort.

27 – MX Socks – Socks are an item where small details make a huge difference. EVS Moto Socks offer riders premium performance that suits various rider preferences.

28 – Gloves – EVS gloves are designed to be low-profile, breathable, and offer increased abrasion resistance in high-wear areas with a form-fitting design that increases dexterity.

29 – Support & Belts – EVS offers a complete line of technologically advanced support products ranging from ankle braces to kidney belts to shoulder supports, each designed to be worn on and off the bike.

34 – Youth – EVS Youth products originate from more oversized adult products, then are explicitly developed for the performance demands of younger riders.

EVS TP199 Knee and Elbow Guards

40 – Gear Bags – EVS products protect, but don’t forget to protect your equipment with EVS specialty gear bags from EVS. They keep your gear protected in any environment.

41 – Casual – Show off your EVS pride (both on and off the bike) with the refreshed line of EVS casual clothing, including hats, t-shirts, socks, flip flops, fanny packs, and more.

43 – Trackside – Whether you need an umbrella on a rainy day or a canopy to stay cool at the track on a hot summer day, EVS has the many extras you need for a day of riding.

44 – Merchandising – Available merchandise displays and accessories for our dealer partners to display and showcase EVS protective products to their customers.

46 – Size Chart & Warranty – Unsure what size to order? EVS sizing charts and warranty information can be found here.

EVS Spring 2021 Catalog

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Written by Dale Spangler

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