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How was your Summer? - RJ Hampshire

Now that outdoors is over, what did you think of your season overall? 

Overall, my season had a lot of positives. I started the series off really well with 7 out of 11 moto podiums and it seemed like everything was clicking.  I was really disappointed to have missed out on the Salt Lake City mini SX series by choosing to get my knee healed up with surgery, so to come back and essentially hit the ground running with the start of outdoors was awesome!  Everything was going well during the Nationals until the Millville crash with J-Mart.  I feel like I had a lot more and that crash kind of messed up the rest of the series for me. Still am happy with the progress made overall this year!

RJ Hampshire putting the power to the ground at the WW National!


What was it like having to race during a pandemic? 

Honestly, the racing side wasn’t that much different than years past which was kind of relieving honestly; felt good to have that resemble some kind of normalcy. Of course, it sucked at the first few not having any fans and not being able to really celebrate on the podiums. I think all of us were just happy we got to go racing!

RJ Hampshire charging mid moto at the WW National


Favorite moment of the 2020 MX Series

My favorite moment had to be the overall win at Redbud 2! So much went on this year with a lot of ups and down and and we took a lot of risks..but that win at Redbud 2 made everything worth it!

RJ Hampshire celebrating on the podium after taking the win at Red Bud 2!


After a pretty quick turnaround from knee surgery and a strong summer including multiple wins, how do you carry that confidence through the offseason into 2021?

The biggest thing for me is recovering. I was hurting pretty bad from Millville, then that crash at WW followed by Colorado kind of just all built on top of one another without really giving me time to recover from an injury before I got another one the next round. I know what I’m capable of and know we have a lot more to give and with that I know that it will be more important than ever to recover and be 100% ready to go for when we get back to racing.

RJ Hampshire mid moto at the WW National!
Keep an eye out for more additions to our 'How was your Summer?' series in the near future!
Photo credits go to David Lando, GuyB with Vital MX, and Chris 'Browndog' Wilson.  

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