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Vital MX Interview with Todd Lentz

Jamie Guida of Vital MX sat down with EVS Senior Vice President, Todd Lentz to discuss his history with the brand and learn a little more about the company.

"I would do everything from driving a truck and trailer across the country to rider support. I'd pick up the phone and sell because, at that point, we didn't have distribution. So, I was cold calling Chaparral, Bert's, Motosport, Motorworld of El Cajon, and all these iconic retail establishments back then."


"The AMX-5 was the first off-the-shelf knee brace that you could physically buy without going through insurance and being fitted, that was functional and made for motocross."



"We've got a great team from the marketing side, product development, design, sales, rider support, and all that. I firmly believe in hiring good people and then giving them the bandwidth to do what they can. Our team is amazing, but it starts with ownership. Guido has given people the opportunity to succeed and do what they do. We're fortunate to be the original (motocross knee brace) and still be around after 30-40 years of doing what we do. It's certainly something to be proud of."


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