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Why Wear a Ballistic Jersey with Payton Ridenour

Protecting athletes while they do what they love is a passion of ours here at EVS Sports and the main reason why we continue to do what we do, which is provide some of the best protective equipment available to keep people protected no matter the activity!

Continuing with our 'Why Wear' series, we caught up with BMX Rider Payton Ridenour on why she chooses to wear a Ballistic Jersey from EVS when she competes!

Payton 'P-Nut' Ridenour is no stranger to going fast on a bicycle. Payton is a seven-time National BMX Champion making her one of the top ranked amateur BMX racers in the country.  Payton is also the defending World Champion in Pump Track after winning the first ever event in 2019.  While she clearly knows a thing or two on how to go fast around a track, like with anything else, it took years of practice to get to be that fast on a BMX track.  Unfortunately with action sports like this when the speeds increase, crashes are almost inevitable.  For that reason, Payton chooses to wear the EVS Ballistic Jersey day in and day out to keep her as protected as possible.  Here's a quick story of just one of the many instances where Payton's Ballistic Jersey kept her safe!

Payton Ridenour mid race wearing her EVS Sports Ballistic Jersey!


"Last year I was practicing in Rock Hill, South Carolina and there was a pretty decent cross wind. I went to jump the second jump and got taken by the wind and crashed hard, but thanks to my EVS Ballistic Jersey I didn’t have a scratch on me! I landed on my left side and my jersey was ripped up on the sleeve, yet I could get up and ride immediately.  Surprisingly I wasn’t even sore the next day and felt great. The EVS Ballistic Jersey definitely may have saved me a hospital visit from that crash!"

We're glad to hear that the Ballistic Jersey did it's job of keeping Payton protected in that crash and that it will continue to do so as 'P-Nut' continues to progress in her racing career!

Be on the lookout for more additions in our 'Why Wear' series in the near future!

Photo credits to Payton Ridenour (Instagram:@paytonridenour)

Written by Jackson Halsmer

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