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Web Eclipse Knee Brace

Experience the pinnacle of knee protection and injury prevention with the EVS Web Eclipse knee brace. For over 38 years, we’ve relentlessly honed our engineering expertise, consistently delivering award-winning knee braces. This legacy of excellence is embedded in every facet of the Web Eclipse, which represents the culmination of our tireless dedication to innovation and rider safety.

Unparalleled Comfort
Wrap your knees in a cloud of comfort while maintaining the armored protection needed for the track. The Web Eclipse offers a rigid, low-profile fit that remains virtually invisible. Say goodbye to bulky braces.

Comprehensive Protection
Whether you’re navigating deeply rutted turns or tackling challenging terrain, rely on the Web Eclipse’s cutting-edge features. The Floating Knee Cup System, Flex Wings, and 12K Carbon Fiber Frame have you covered.

15% Lighter
Crafted using cutting-edge carbon fiber technology, our knee brace optimizes critical surface area to provide unparalleled protection. It sheds an impressive 15% of its weight compared to the previous model, all while maintaining the utmost standards of safety and security.

Stay Cool and Dry 
The Advanced Cooling System (ACS) allows air to circulate throughout the entire knee brace keepingyou cool.


Lightweight Feel, Heavyweight Protection

The NEW standard for top performance Knee Braces. Designed specifically for those who care about superior protection and performance, the Web Eclipse is engineered from reinforced, aerospace grade 12K carbon fiber making it one of the lightest yet strongest knee braces available. With its low-profile invisible fit, this knee brace is designed to conform to your leg offering optimal comfort. Producing high quality ventilation, the Web Eclipse allows air to circulate throughout the entire knee brace keeping you cool and dry.


  • 12K Carbon Fiber Frame
    Lightweight aerospace grade frame crafted with a reinforced rib contour construction that's engineered to withstand substantial forces and torsional stress.

  • Floating Knee Cup System
    Self positioning CE Certified HEX Pro Impact Technology floating knee cup that finds the center of the knee upon flexion and extension to provide complete knee protection coverage.

  • Flex Wings
    The Flex Wings are located on both upper and lower knee brace straps, designed for diverse leg shapes, providing a snug, pressure-free fit that stays securely in place.

  • Rapid Lock System
    Quick release, easy on/off closure system with the press of a button.

  • 4-Point Strapping System
    A stretchable top strap to allow for natural thigh compression and expansion.

  • Performance Bio-Foam Liner
    Moisture wicking ventilated liner.

  • Trac Grip
    Strategically positioned high traction silicone on the liner effectively deters movement and enhances the knee brace’s secure fit on your leg.

  • TruMotion 3.0 Hinge
    Mimics the knee’s natural flexion and extension allowing the brace to flex on the same 2 axes as the knee joint.

  • CE Impact tested and certified
    Level 1 (1621:1) 

Floating Knee Cup System

The Floating Knee Cup System uses a cutting-edge Hex Pro Impact Technology designed to automatically position and secure a CE Certified knee cup to the optimal position as the knee flexes and extends. This ensures comprehensive knee protection by keeping the cup precisely centered during movement, offering a reliable shield for the knee joint without the need for manual adjustments.

  • Airflow Intake Vents
    Promotes Advanced Cooling System ventilation and increases airflow

  • Patella Cup
    Abrasion and Impact protection. 

  • HEX Pro Impact Protection
    Provides superior CE Certified 1621-1 impact protection in a compact light-weight technology. 

  • Flex Straps
    Robust X-straps keep the knee cup centered on the knee. 

  • Flex Assist
    Aiding the tendons and muscles to save energy.

  • Ventilated Liner
    Honeycomb pattern promotes Advanced Cooling System ventilation and allows heat to escape. 

  • Impact Guards
    Upper handlebar protector and lower shin protector provide full protection coverage around the patella cup.   

  • Torx Screws
    Secure and lightweight with ease of replacing parts without stripping the drive. 

TruMotion 3.0 Hinge

The hinge mimics the knee’s natural flexion and extension allowing the brace to flex on the same 2 axes as the knee joint giving the rider a more natural stance. To endure significant amounts of force the hinge is attached using a 2-layer composite of carbon fiber and aluminum.

Hyperextension Lockouts
A hinge component designed to prevent the most common knee injury in action sports—hyperextension—by accommodating a variety of knees and riding styles, with hyperextension lockout from 0º-30º

Condyle Pads
Interchangeable tapered inner hinge pads position the knee properly to the brace for a comfortable and secure fit.

4-Point Strapping System

Engineered for a secure, comfortable fit that stays in place during high-intensity rides, thanks to its stretch fit strap technology, moisture guard straps, and flexible hook and loop closure, ensuing both safety and comfort while riding.

Stretch Fit Strap Technology (top strap only)
A stretchable material that allows for natural thigh compression and expansion delivering a snug, comfortable and secure fit.

Moisture Guard Straps
Provides a secure, compression fit without excess bulk preventing shifting during physical activity and perspiration.

Double Sided Hook & Loop Closure
Flexible and efficient closure to go on easily and securely, allowing for more adjustment.


Experience hassle-free convenience with the Rapid Lock System – a quick release, easy on/off closure system with the press of a button. Located on all 4 straps.