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Origin Goggle

Every pair of EVS Sports goggles complies with the EN 1938 standard, which ensures they meet the necessary safety criteria for protecting the eyes during off-road motorcycling.  These goggles feature a 45mm elastic strap that can be adjusted and has a silicone lining to provide optimal grip.  Moreover, they are designed to be race-ready and can easily accommodate tear-offs, whether they are standard or laminated.  Furthermore, they are specifically engineered to securely fit most helmets without affecting their overall fit. 

Origin Goggle

Whether you’re riding on the track or the trail, essential features like moisture-wicking comfort, a wide view and a lens that can withstand impact are provided in the Origin Goggle to ensure riders have clear and safe vision.  The AirFlex frame is molded using injection techniques, enabling it to seamlessly adapt to the contours of your face for superior comfort.  The plush triple-layer foam design effectively draws moisture away using the fleece-lining to prevent sweat buildup.  The ClearView lexan lens made of polycarbonate ensures remarkable clarity due to its shatterproof nature and precise optical quality.  Moreover, the lens is treated with an F2 coating, offering protection against fogging and scratches.  The  Origin Goggles come with a silver mirrored lens with tear-off pins & clips and a goggle bag.


  • Polycarbonate Lexan lens optically-correct, shatterproof HD
  • Anti-fog, anti-scratch lens with F2 coating
  • Premium injection molded AirFlex frame conforms to your face
  • Adjustable 45mm elastic strap with silicone lining for maximum grip
  • Plush triple-layer, fleece-lined molded foam wicks away sweat
  • Meets EN 1938 standard – for eyewear protection

AirFlex frame

Premium injection molded AirFlex frame conforms to your face comfortably

ClearView lens

ClearView Polycarbonate lens optically-correct, shatterproof HD, with zero distortion

Fleece-lined Foam

Plush triple-layer, fleece-lined molded foam wicks away sweat.

What's In the Box

  • Origin goggle with smoke mirrored lens w/tear-off pins & clips
  • Goggle bag
  • User manual