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EVS Sports Begins Partnership with Sherco USA

The power of collaboration and partnering cannot be understated, and often, that partnership between two parties ends up being a tremendously positive experience for everyone involved.  Bryan Kraham, the Chief Marketing Officer with Sherco USA, the U.S. division of the global brand Sherco Cycles, reached out to us asking if there was any interest in EVS partnering and collaborating with Sherco.  Initial talks with Bryan grew into a meeting held between the execs of both EVS Sports and Sherco USA to determine the best way our brands could work together moving forward.   

Sherco, having deep roots in both high level Trials competitions and Enduro racing, wanted to stay ahead of rumored trials protection mandates set by the FIM, the global Governing/Sanctioning body of motorcycle racing across all disciplines.  Sherco was looking to see if we would be interested in partnering with them to collaborate and provide their high level race teams the protection equipment needed to pass the rumored FIM changes along with potentially adding EVS as the official protection provider of Sherco Cycles as a whole.  Needless to say, we were interested and immediately began discussing with Bryan and their race teams what they were looking for and voiced that we are very open on our end to heavily modifying existing products on our end or even making custom products specific to their team needs.

The Sherco USA race teams are currently testing Comp Suits, Ballistic Jerseys, TP199 and TP199 Knee Pads and while this partnership is just in the early stages, we are thrilled to have this opportunity with such a prominent OEM in the motorcycle industry and can’t wait to see how our relationship with Sherco grows from here. 

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