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EVS Sports and Twisted Diesel Announces Team for Pastranaland Pit Bike Championship

When you get a call from Travis Pastrana inviting you to field a team for an exclusive pit bike race at the legendary Pastranaland compound, you make it happen. We are thrilled to finally announce that EVS Sports is partnering with Twisted Diesel and is participating in the first ever Pastranaland Pit Bike Championship.  With the action and powersports industries craving new content, Travis’ team and Nitro circus thought up the concept for an epic pit bike event centered around creating entertaining content. After being a part of the string of insanely fun pit bike races last summer with Travis and his crew, we could not pass up the opportunity to participate in this upcoming event. 

The team headed into the race is a dual effort between EVS and Twisted Diesel. Twisted Diesel, a custom performance diesel transmission race shop out of Virginia, has come on board as the co-sponsor going into the race. The owner of Twisted Diesel’s brother, Mark Brown, will be one of the riders on the team.  This isn’t Mark’s first time out to Pastranaland…he participated in the Pit Viper Pro previously held on the Hubert Rowland built pit bike track. He had this to say about being a part of the race. "Insane!  Just pulling into Pastranaland I was thinking 'what have i gotten myself into?'  Everything was over the top.  From the people I raced with to the track they built.  The racing was so tight and people were taking each other out left and right.  It was a blast!" There is reason to be confident if you’re Mark coming into the race as he’s been paired up with previous Pit Viper Pro champion Caleb Carter. Caleb comes north from North Carolina representing the team and is looking to see if he can go back to back as the Pastranaland Pit Bike World Champion. Caleb is a big fan of the whole event, "The whole atmosphere and people were awesome!  And I was personally expecting a lot from the track, and it by far exceeded my expectations!  It was the sickest pit bike track I've ever gotten a chance to ride." 

Caleb Carter/Joe Dirt and Mark Brown will be riding for Team EVS Sports/Twisted Diesel at the Pastranaland Pit Bike Championship

We are excited to see what the team can do at this awesome event and the riders are too. Caleb told us "I am super excited to come into this event with a strong team and sponsors!  Ready to see what we can do mixing it up with the big name guys!". While Mark was just as stoked telling us "I'm excited to be back!  This time with an awesome team.  Caleb and I have raced each other on opposite teams in pit bike races in the past.  It's cool to come together after all these races we keep running into each other at."

EVS is expecting big things from the team and looks forward to providing updates and information as we get closer to the event.


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