Our week at Loretta Lynn’s Amateur National Championships

August 12, 2020

Our week at Loretta Lynn’s Amateur National Championships

As we prepped for the 39th edition of the Loretta Lynn’s Amateur National Championships, we decided on a few goals that we really wanted to focus on throughout the week.  We wanted to establish a strong presence at the event, and we wanted to provide the best support to our riders out of all the vendors/exhibitors attending the race. 

Our presence and overall setup at Lorettas was second to none.  We received comments all week from racers, parents, other vendors, and even staff members with MX Sports that our setup was awesome and that it was great to see that EVS is back.  Being able to hear those comments all week was awesome as we knew that we had accomplished what we wanted to in having a strong presence.  We also knew that this was a tremendous start to us working to have a strong and consistent presence in the field.  Having been around since 1985, one of our long term goals moving forward is to go back to our roots and establish ourselves as a strong brand in the field, and this past week at Lorettas was a great start to exactly that. 

Once setup at the event, we set out to track down some of our riders competing throughout the week to make sure that they were good to go with everything they would need.  If a rider said they needed something, most brands would provide it and stop there…not us.  Being a part of Team EVS is something to be proud of as a rider and we aim to offer the best in support and service to everyone ranging from the weekend warrior to the professional.  We checked in with our riders daily and sometimes even more than that, making sure that they had everything they would need from us to succeed throughout the week.  Being so close to the athletes throughout the week was a fantastic experience and solidified to us that our efforts to provide the best support from an outside sponsor was accomplished. 

Overall, Lorettas was a great experience for EVS.  Obviously, it was great that Lorettas was even able to happen given everything that’s going on (thank you MX Sports), but being able to have such an impact at this event with both our presence and our support to our athletes was a strong start to us striving to become a brand that has a strong and consistent presence in the field.  Look for us at the major races down the road, including the Mini Olympics later this year!

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