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History & Origins - The Ballistic Jersey

EVS Sports first began with the first ever motocross specific knee brace in the AMX-5 and while that product is thought of as ‘the beginning’ of EVS Sports, the original protective gear company, many people don’t realize that the product family we now know today as the Ballistic Jersey came into existence almost immediately following the AMX-5. 

The product started as an idea in the late 1980s was initially designed to target the more trail, enduro, and off-road segments rather than pure motocross for multiple reasons.  One major reason is that, due to the technology of the time, the profile of the Ballistic Jersey was deemed too large for what the average motocross rider at the time was wanting.  As a result, the Ballistic Jersey became more of an off road focused ‘ready for anything’ type of protective piece. 

The BJ22 Ballistic Jersey from EVS Sports, one of the original Ballistic Jerseys.


Building off that mindset, the Ballistic Jersey became the perfect product for the more middle-aged demographic who needed to stay safe but wanted to enjoy their passion.  For many, particularly workers in the trades, coming into work on Monday with a broken rib or shoulder wasn’t an option as they physical demands of their job meant they couldn’t afford to miss time being injured.  The Ballistic Jersey quickly garnered a reputation of being the perfect piece of protection, even ‘the norm’, that allowed this demographic to ride hard on the weekends and be ok at work on Monday.   

While the Ballistic Jersey is known for being the ‘go to’ protection garment for any sort of trail riding, it made waves throughout not only the powersports industry but even to Hollywood.  Hollywood stunt men literally taking impacts for a living became a big fan of the Ballistic Jersey and the current G7, Comp Suit and Ballistic Pro is still utilized by stuntmen all over Hollywood. 

One of the more iconic moments of the Ballistic Jersey came when Travis Pastrana performed the double backflip at the 2006 X-Games.  At the time, the double backflip was unheard of and truly thought as next level dangerous for someone to attempt it.  As we all know, that didn’t stop Travis as he proceeded to throw down the world’s first ever double backflip wearing our Ballistic Jersey every flip of the way. 

Video Credit to ESPN Archives

What started in the late 1980s as an idea has evolved and grown into the staple EVS product family it is today.  The current G7 and G7 Lite are the classic Ballistic Jersey style garments that provide as much protection as possible.  With the advancements in modern technology, we’ve also created the Ballistic Pro which utilizes our Reactive Memory Foam to provide protection in key areas in a surprisingly low-profile garment, making it suitable for trail riding and even motocross.  EVS now also offers a ‘value’ option in the Comp Suit which offers ample protection in vital areas and, most importantly, is available in both Youth and Adult sizes. 

 The Ballistic Jersey has saved riders and users from countless broken bones, bruises, scrapes, and impacts over the years and will continue to do so for years to come. 

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Written by Jackson Halsmer

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