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EVS proudly introduces the all-new T3 Youth Motocross Helmet designed explicitly for younger riders. The T3 is EVS Sports' all-new youth-specific helmet designed to provide a broad range of protection for kids who need a quality dirt bike riding helmet at a great value.
Our T5 helmet line combines clean, bold graphics with performance, function, and comfort features usually only included with premium models. Learn more about the EVS line of helmets in this overview of available models, graphics, and colorways.
The EVS line of Ballistic Jerseys includes a diverse range of options for those looking for more protection than standard roost deflectors. Here is a high-level overview of the four models offered by EVS.

For those participating in action sports, shoulder injuries can be a common occurrence. That’s why EVS created a line of shoulder braces and supports for action sports athletes for dealing with and helping to prevent shoulder injuries. This article provides a brief, high-level overview of the various models that make up the EVS line of shoulder braces.

Although EVS Sports is technically a motocross brand, many of the protective products we bring to market have versatile designs that make them ideal for other action sports beyond simply motocross.
EVS has just kicked off a new social media story campaign asking their riders to join in the #CrashChat trend and tell us all their gnarly crash stories! EVS is asking everyone to get involved and is offering a free pair of knee braces every month to a random lucky winner who posts their story on to Instagram’s stories.