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Catching Up with Joey Crown

Rolling in to the 2021 Supercross season, Club MX racer and #TeamEVS athlete Joey Crown was looking to build off of a promising start to the 2020 season that got cut short after a hard crash in Atlanta that left him with lingering concussion like symptoms for the rest of the season. 

Joey only got two rounds in his 2021 SX campaign before hitting the deck at Daytona leaving him with concussion like symptoms that took him out of the remainder of the series. 

Joey, resilient and determined as ever, is now fully healthy and back on the bike.  We caught up with Joey a bit to chat about his comeback.

It’s great to hear that you’re making progress and now fully back on the bike!

Thank you – it’s been a bit of a journey to get here and there have been some set backs but I’ve been blessed to get to where I am health wise and be able to get back to riding.

What can you tell us about that journey and some of the set backs you say you’ve had since your crash at Daytona?

After Daytona I took things pretty slowly recovery wise as I’ve had concussions in the past.  I was calling several neurologists looking for opinions and got an MRI done.  Thankfully the MRI was largely positive overall especially after the crash just a couple of days prior but I was still pretty uncomfortable with headaches and general fatigue. 

I started plugging away with therapy but wasn’t making a lot of progress when things started to turn around.  Next thing you know I was getting back on the bike…I was by no means back on a Supercross track, but even just to play around on a two stroke again felt great. 

I started to work my way up to getting back on the SX track shortly after that and was able to ride without any issues which was huge for me as lingering concussion symptoms had come back in the past after prior concussions. 

The one really big setback I had was just a little crash I had while training at Club one day.  The original plan was for me to try and come back to race the final few rounds of Supercross but this little crash around mid-April became a way bigger deal than it should have been.  It wasn’t like I was starting back at square one after Daytona, but it was pretty close.  I had to take more time off the bike and go back to some basic therapy to build up my strength again. 

EVS Sports Athlete Joey Crown putting in the work at Club MX for the 2021 Pro Motocross season!

Sounds like a lot of highs and lows for such a short amount of time! 

Yeah it was hard for sure.  I definitely was struggling mentally during those few weeks and even questioning on whether or not I want to keep racing, but I was able to stay positive, put in the work at therapy, and now be back on the bike in full outdoor season prep!

It’s really impressive to see that kind of determination from you with these injuries so credit to you because it can’t be easy!  Tell us about what drives you to come back and stay positive with something like that?

 I've dedicated pretty much my whole life to racing and I know deep down that I'm capable of battling for wins and even championships some day.  That drives me to do everything I can to get healthy and back to doing what I love to do.  

How’s Outdoor prep going for you and the team?  Excited to go racing?

Can’t wait to get back to racing!  Outdoor prep is going really well and the team vibe with this crew is awesome.  I’ve been really blessed with the opportunities I’ve been given this year and can’t wait to get after it this summer and have the hard work pay off!

Joey Crown gearing up with his EVS protection gear prepping for the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship
Look for Joey and the rest of #TeamEVS to have a strong showing throughout the 2021 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship!
Photo Credits to Joey Crown and Brown Dog Wilson

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David sharp

David sharp

June 09, 2021

You got this JOEY👍👍🏁🏁

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