Cold Weather Gear: Ways to Extend Your Riding Season

Fall is here, which means winter is not far behind, especially for those living in northern latitudes in the northern hemisphere. For many, this time of year is when they get in those last few rides before the snow flies and then prep their bike for winter storage. But if one is willing, there are some simple and inexpensive ways to extend the riding season by adding cold-weather-specific items to their riding kit.

A great place to begin is with your extremities. Adding a pair of cold-weather riding gloves is an easy way to add a layer of warmth to one's hands. Cold-weather gloves are especially critical when the motorcycle has no hand guards or heated grips. Our Yeti Cold Weather Gloves, which combine a fleece comfort liner with a water-resistant Hypora® inner membrane, are ideal for cold and damp conditions.

EVS Cold Weather Accessories

Base layers are another simple way to add warmth to your riding kit. Our TUG Winter Long Sleeve Base Layer and 3/4 Pant use a dual-layer fabric with an ultra-warm brushed interior and a fast-drying exterior that add another level of warmth during cold weather rides.

The Helmet Breath Deflector is an often overlooked yet simple accessory that's a must when riding in cold weather. This simple device fastens to the inside of full-face helmets to provide added wind protection and frostbite prevention while also helping to eliminate goggle fogging.

You can add the following items to your riding kit to help extend the riding season this year.

Yeti Cold Weather Gloves

Yeti Cold Weather Gloves

The ultimate cold weather glove. Designed for cold-weather conditions, the Yeti Glove utilizes a Hypora® inner membrane and fleece liner to provide warmth, comfort, and protection in varying weather conditions. With its wind and water-resistant design, the Yeti is the ultimate cold-weather riding glove.

  • Water resistant Hypora® inner membrane
  • Reinforced palm and thumb
  • Fleece comfort liner
  • Silicone fingerprint
  • Adult Sizes: S–XL


TUG Long Sleeve Winter Base Layer

TUG Long Sleeve Winter Base Layer

The TUG Long Sleeve Winter shirt is a cold-weather base layer that uses four-way stretch and moisture-wicking materials to protect against skin irritation and discomfort from safety equipment. It provides comfort and performance that seamlessly integrates with your gear.

  • Four-way Stretch Technology allows the fabric to flex and move in all four directions providing improved comfort for the user
  • Moisture-wicking material pulls water off the skin, allowing you to stay dry and comfortable while riding
  • Anti-Chafe Layer is designed to fit between you and your protective gear to prevent safety equipment—such as a Knee Brace or Roost Guard—from rubbing against skin and causing discomfort
  • Strategically designed to fit all EVS race collars and most neck braces. Integrated loop straps ensure that any EVS race collar stays in place during use
  • Dual-layer fabric with an ultra-warm brushed interior and fast-drying exterior that keeps the wearer warm during cold rides
  • Elastic shoulder attachment loops for race collar compatibility
  • Adult Sizes S–XXL


TUG Impact 3/4 Winter Pant

TUG Impact 3/4 Winter Pant

The TUG Impact 3/4 Winter Pant is a performance base layer that uses four-way stretch, moisture-wicking materials for comfort, and RMF (Reactive Memory Foam) Technology that hardens when force is applied. This pant provides added warmth that seamlessly integrates with your offroad riding kit.

  • Dual-layer fabric with an ultra-warm brushed interior and fast-drying exterior that keeps the wearer warm during cold weather rides
  • Boxer brief upper with super soft elastic waistband
  • 3/4 pant length integrates with moto sock to reduce layers
  • Designed with fewer seams to reduce pressure points
  • Adult Sizes S–XXL


Helmet Breath Deflector

EVS Helmet Breath Deflector

Our helmet breath deflector is a must-have for cold weather conditions. Although designed for the EVS T5 Helmet, this breath deflector also fits most helmets with minor modifications.

  • Eliminates goggle fog and provides frostbite prevention
  • Secured in place through chin strap and Velcro attachment
  • Moldable nose for a custom fit


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