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EVS Knee Braces: Still the Rider's Choice in Knee Protection

EVS Sports: Number 1 Knee Protection to Buy

EVS Sports is once again proud to be chosen "Number 1 Knee Protection to Buy" in this year's 2022 Vital MX Audience Survey.

The award marks the fourth year in a row EVS Sports has been chosen as the best product in the Knee Protection category.

A big thanks to all those who voted!

When EVS created the first off-the-shelf motocross-specific knee brace in 1985, there were no other options on the market that did not require a prescription or a custom fitting. Even worse, these braces were not designed for riding a motorcycle, and it was only after one had injured their knee would a doctor even consider a prescription. Because of these factors, EVS created the AMX-5, the first off-the-shelf motocross-focused knee brace on the market.

Fast forward to today, and EVS continues to design, develop, and evolve its knee brace line into the market-leading brand that has become the rider's choice for knee protection.

With designs that deliver premium protection without breaking the bank, now may be time to consider adding a set of EVS Knee Braces to your riding protection kit.

Why Wear EVS Knee Braces?

EVS Sports Knee Brace Line

EVS Knee Brace models are designed to prevent potential injuries by providing stability and strength to the knee and leg. They limit torsion and hyperextension and provide impact protection during a crash. Patented Tru-Motion Hinges anatomically mimic the human knee's natural motion for increased comfort and connectivity to the motorcycle.

With six models to choose from, EVS knee braces are designed to accommodate any rider and budget.

Some of the other reasons to consider purchasing a pair of EVS Knee Braces include the following:

  • No prescription or custom fitting is required!
  • Off-the-shelf knee protection that's user-friendly, serviceable, and anatomically correct
  • Hyperextension Lockout hinge component prevents the most common knee injury in action sports—hyperextension—with lockout options from 0 to 30 degrees
  • Tru-Motion 2.0 Hinges mimic knee movement for a more natural stance
  • Antimicrobial Shark Skin Liner provides soft cushion support and limits knee brace migration
  • Form Fit Frames deliver a strong base that is flexible and bends to the contours of the rider's thigh for an even more comfortable fit
  • Dual Defense Knee Cups not only protect the patella from impact but also move with knee flexion and extension for full knee coverage
  • Six (6) knee brace model options—for every type of riding—and budget!
For a side-by-side comparison of the entire EVS Knee Brace line, see our Knee Brace Comparison Chart.

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