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For riders living in areas where summer brings hot or humid conditions, it is imperative to prepare for extreme temperatures. Each of these specialty items from EVS is designed to provide relief when you hit the track or trail in hot conditions.
EVS proudly introduces the all-new T3 Youth Motocross Helmet designed explicitly for younger riders. The T3 is EVS Sports' all-new youth-specific helmet designed to provide a broad range of protection for kids who need a quality dirt bike riding helmet at a great value.

Travis Pastrana has been an integral part of the EVS family since his early years as a young, up-and-coming motocross racer. How did the relationship between EVS Sports and Travis Pastrana begin? The following is a brief history of one of the longest-standing friendships in motocross and how it continues today.

With direct feedback and input from our customers and racers, we re-tooled and re-sized the TP199 Youth Knee Pad, and the result is an updated and improved version that’s now 30% smaller than the original knee guards! Learn more about this new youth-specific product update.

Kyle Chisholm has had an outstanding 2022 season in both the 450 and 250 classes in arguably one of the most competitive Supercross seasons in years. And at the age of 34, he just keeps learning, getting faster, often beating factory riders and many of the young guns in the sport. We recently caught up with Kyle to ask him about his 2022 Supercross season and what's next for Team Chiz.

In the late 1990s, the EVS design team set to work developing a brace for shoulder injury prevention, recovery, and support. Learn about the history and origins of the EVS Shoulder Brace, a product designed for motocross shoulder injury prevention and recovery that’s gathered a huge following.
EVS Elbow Guards/Pads are purpose-built for those participating in action sports such as motocross, BMX, downhill MTB, and offroad dirt bike riding and racing. In this elbow protection guide, learn more about the models offered by EVS and our suggested use type(s) best suited for each model.
#TeamEVS athlete Preston Kilroy makes his professional Supercross debut this weekend in Minneapolis for the start of East Coast!  We got a chance to catch up with him to learn how prep has gone and what his mindset is going into the start of his season.